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Wood Elves have four new army rules. They are A weaker save, but no longer mundane like in the previous army book. Mounts do. I never used to make a point of reviewing new army books, however I did it for the new Dwarf book and that post is now one of the most-read on. Warhammer Wood Elves Army Book by Games Workshop () [Games Workshop] on nessmorrrazzcontde.ga *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Wood Elves Army Book 8th

There is a Mediafire page with all of the PDFs on it, but I can't remember the address. Go ask in the WHFB general thread, if one is up, the guys. Warhammer Army book Wood Elves - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online . Warhammer Army Book 6th edition. nessmorrrazzcontde.ga Uploaded by. inquisitorbob. Warhammer Fantasy - Bretonnia - 6th. Uploaded by. helsfjord. Warhammer Army book Wood Elves. Uploaded.

Is that the book is just too dammed nice. After my complete pasting at the NZTC i took some time to reflect, by myself and with others, upon what was wrong with the Wood Elf book, besides it being written for 6th edition. My conclusion is that the Wood Elf book is trying so hard to balanced, it actively restricts combos of items and units that were broken in 6th but are now common place. One of the last softback army books A prime example of how balanced this book is is the way it limits the combination of magic items. You cannot combine the Magic bow The Hunter's Talon gives a character the Sniper rule with any of the magic arrows, the best of which to combine with the sniper rule are The Hag's Bane Arrows if you take a unsaved wound take a toughness test or die , Dragon Tooth Arrows if you take a unsaved wound you suffer from stupidity , of the Hail of Doom Arrow splits into 3d6 strength 4 magical shots, one use only. The balance doesn't end there. Wood Elf Glade Guard are universally known for their strength 4 at short range bows, but thats only the Glade Guard who get those bows and other units like Glade Riders core fast cav , Scouts like a normal glade guard but 6 points more expensive and doesn't get the good bow and Waywatchers miss out on this bow. And i can fully see the reason why. Back in 6th if you had fast cav that could sprint up to the enemy lines, not take penalties for moving and shooting and let loose a hail of BS 3 strength 4 shots well that would be hard to take for most 6th ed armies. Its the same with Wood Elf Heroes sniping your general and making him stupid, of killing him in one shot And it also can be seen in the points costs. The Wood Elf monster of all monsters, the Treeman is a whooping points. You get a lot for those points but consider that a Skullcannon which can easily destroy a Treeman is only , and that a Frostheart Phoenix is only points. And now we come to the crux of the issue, which i see as this. Different editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battles had different levels of balance.

The Glory of the Elves Here the glory of the wood elves is displayed with 20 pages or so of excellent full colour photographs of the Wood Elf army. On display are a mixture of both new and old models beautifully painted and displayed. There is also details on how the Wood Elves of the different eternal realms appear giving a variety of colour schemes based loosely on the seasons.

Wood Elves army list The most important part to budding generals of Wood Elf armies this details the points cost and options available to the Wood Elf army. This includes all the old favourites as well as new additions like the Waystalker and Sisters of the Thorn. Photo of the new 8th edition Wood Elves book.

Across the board all Forest spirit units Dryads, Treekin and Treemen have lost a point of strength. In return they have gained, well nothing.

Although the limit of the number of Treekin has gone meaning you could now horde them if you wished too. Waywatchers regained their forest stalker special rule from 6th ed, making them -1 to be hit, and can deploy within 12" as long as they are within a wood. Waywatcher have Killing Blow on their missile attacks like in 6th ed, rather than multiple shots and no armour saves.

Waywatchers can take Enchanted arrows. Waywatchers do not have two hand weapons by default, 18 pts. Orion is MI, not Mo. Warhawk may be taken as a character mount. Orion pts.

Have the Sword of Dath magic item, pts. Araloth has light armour, pts. Drycha has W2, cost pts. Why you ever would take them on a dragon is a mystery since the eagle gives them more wounds and t4 thanks to it being monstrous cavalry, while also allowing them to reroll failed to hits. Their Dragon is 80pts cheaper than the glade lord's since gwindalor is clearly 80pts.

They also have 2 special bows. Naestra has a str 5 d6 wound long bow which gives her mount a wound back if she wounds with it and Arahan has a bow which fires 2d6 str 1 poisoned shots. Between them have good shooting and survival thanks to their previous rules and weapons and stats: M5, WS 6, BS 6, str 4, t 3, w2, 3 attacks, i7 and Ld9.

These compete badly with the waystalker, lvl 1 spellsinger and BSB in the Heroes section so chose wisely. Pitty you can't take these guys on foot though Alright, someone explain this to me.

Since the three birds are counted as one model, have practically no saves AND you have to use the profile with the most wounds which is 3 for Big G , how does this work? Are they able to survive a cannon ball to the face, or does the entire model die after 3 wounds?

So long as one twin survives then your foes cannon ball was for naught. A single cannonball won't kill them - and certainly it won't kill Gwindalor, since, according to MC rules, it can't be targeted yes, this means that the rule that lets the mount regain wounds is useless for G.

Then you wound, then the sister that was hit probably dies; then she pops back to full life if the other hasn't been killed by the end of the shooting phase. In melee, you have to allocate attacks, as you would do with two normal characters. Quite worthy of the points you pay to field them.

Generic Characters[ edit ] Note: While named characters are judged against their generic counterparts, generic characters are examined based on their role in your army. Glade Lord: Generic combat lord, reasonably fighty but you'll pale in comparison to most other Lords.

Basically, he is identical to High Prince or Dark Dreadlord, but the army's style and racial items work against making him a similar meatgrinder He can be kitted out in a variety of ways to be more fighty and can be given magic arrows which is a plus, he also dishes out a LD10 bubble.

He also got an extra point of BS, probably to compensate for the loss of free moving and shooting. One new rule, The Arrow of Kurnous, lets him deal a auto str 3 hit on your opponent's general if they are within 36" of a character with the rule and in line of sight.

If your foe has a caster lord as his general then I guess it will force him to deploy further back so not bad. Should not be your first Lord choice, but is by far not the worst. One popular choice is to give him Daith's Reaper and the Armour of Destiny for a stabtastic warboss. Spellweaver: This should be your first Lord choice.

Level 4 at points now, a variety of magic items to make her better, the only character who can take the Acorn of Eternity technically, the Glade Lord can take it too, but naked combat lord suffers much more than naked wizard lord and most importantly, access to all rulebook lores and Dark and High Magic.

Plus she can download an Asrai Longbow for 5pts, which means that while she's hanging in the back with your Glade Guard, she can ping off the odd casualty herself, which is hilarious by the by. If you want a Lord choice, this is the one you should go for in almost every situation. Ws4, Str5, A3, I2. I guess old age shows? Also, being an old coot, he gets the 75mm long side of his base pointed forwards for some insane reason. The best thing that can be said about them is probably that they are large targets with Ld Actually, against anything that hasn't got a particularly threatening shooting phase, the ancient will be basically immortal unless it gets killed in combat.

Glade Captain: This is the generic combat and battle standard bearer character for wood elves. And actually comparing him to other non-elf race's characters he isn't too bad. He can't download anything armour-wise better than a shield and light armour but then he is a wood elf and he does have some decent combat stats and a bow to make up for it. Also he shares the Arrow of Kurnous with your general so you are not punished for taking a caster lord.

Overall, while not having as much access to armour as the Dark Elf Master, this hero is a decent battle standard bearer, especially if you spend a few points to make him tougher. Consider adding a dragon helm, helm of the hunt or any cheap magic armour to make him less squishy.

Keep in mind, that most Wood Elf lists are quite mobile if not outright full-cavalry and have good Ld, so BSB might not be the best investment. Shadow Dancer: Your Wardancer character. Worth consideration. For pts you get a ws8 s4 I8 a4 two hand weapons Always Strike Firsts combat character, with the amazing new wardancer dances. Hit hard, hit fast. Note: For those enterprising gentle Use the Dance of the Woven Mist to rob a horde of their rank bonus and watch them lose instantly.

Put her with Eternal Guard or, better, with Dryads - her attacks and dances will help them overcome their downsides. Arguably, making her a level 1 wizard is a pretty bad choice, as you can no longer take magical armor. This leaves you with 25 points to either make her your walking dispell scroll slot or give her the Bow of Loren. Also, as she is only a level 1, you get one spell, and there is no grantee you can actually get it off On the other side, give her Mystifying Miasma and watch a unit of Chosen get slaughtered at M1 by your archers with starfire arrows.

Unless you are really in need of saving points, you are probably better off downloading a Level 2 Spellsinger if you want the Lore of Shadow. Waystalker: Is a hero version of the Waywatchers. Just think of this guy as the replacement for the waywatcher kindred hero sadly there is no replacement for the alter kindred.

He has bs 7, a bow and a 25pts weapons allowance. Bow of Loren is an option that allows you to fire 2 ignores armour shots which can also be combined with the Savage Beast of Horos from the Beasts lore to grant 5 ignores armour sniper shots that do suffer from multiple shots penalty though with BS7 will you care.

An interesting combo if you're going to be running with the beasts lore. The guy is dirt cheap, only points with the bow of loren, 90 without. Spellsinger: One word. Amazing, when compared to the old wizards. Now has access to all battle rule book lores but not to the Wood Elf specific lores ie the opposite of its sixth edition form.

She is 75pts and a level 1 Lore of Life wizard. She's a cheap way of beefing up a Treekin or Dryad unit. It is also of note that if you're taking the Lore of Beasts for your casters, and you're running a Branchwraith, you can use 2 of the spells to buff her up to insane levels.

Mounts[ edit ] Elven Steed: You know it, you love it. M9 Forest Strider, 20pts for lords, half that for heroes, and allows you to keep pace with all your cavalry. Take it for your mages to hide with your cavalry. Great Stag: Really, why aren't you taking it?

Wood Elves army book 8th edition Warhammer review

Better stats than it's closest cousin IE the Eagle , you can still join units, you get a monstrous mount. One of the better mounts. I wouldn't take it on every hero but on a lvl 1 mage without the scroll or the bsb it should be worth some consideration.

Unicorn: Unicorns are weird. A mage on a unicorn may be able to scare away some chaff. It gives you movement 10 and still can skewer some models but is outshone by the elven steed easily. Magic Resistance 2 may seem nice, but it is better to just put your mounted wizard with Sisters of the Thorn and give them Lichebone Pennant. Forest Dragon: It's a Dragon, what do you want? Considering that this funky-looking dude with wings is a green, environmental-friendly lizard who smokes faeries, makes others stupefied and dumb when they inhale presumably from forcing the enemy to second hand smoke whatever herbs the elves use to mellow out the dragon , and is a beast when he thinks you're going after his stash, he's actually just that little bit better than most Dragons.

Plus, Helm of the Hunt.

Core Units[ edit ] Currently, all Wood Elf Core units are kind of sub-optimal and are no no-brainers. But on the other hand, none of them are precisely duds either, and most can find uses and you might as well, since you HAVE to take them. Tailor your tactics and choose wisely.

Ironically, our Core units now feel more like Specials, role-wise. Dryads: Why Matt Ward! Dryads went from being overpowered to good to one of the weaker units in the game is the initial impression, but in reality Dryads are just trash if you try to use them in their old role. People tend to judge them based on their old profile, understandably. They can't take anything other than a champion and cost for 30 of them - then again, they cost as much as Witch Elves and cheaper than Plague Monks, while fulfilling the same role.

The Dryads can still be good, and do have a place in combat armies which are a thing these days and we now have 10 lores of magic to back them up. Seriously, you can make them tough or strong - they work well with either buff.

Most armies would kill for toughness 4 core with a ward save and 2 attacks. Though they have no armour save to mitigate the lower ward save though they can now take it against magical attacks , and no more skirmisher, they are basically our assassins, crashing into enemy flank and tearing it shreds, while taking not so much damage in return.

They are not so useful in a shooty or cavalry army, but if you are running a combat wood elf army, which can actually do well in this book, dryads and eternal guard are what you're gonna take. Don't get me wrong, their save will be laughed at by every army out there, apart from beastmen but for wood elves, it's respectable.

The Hoodling's Hole: Warhammer Wood Elves: 8th Edition Review

Also, you don't take them in such big units - small units can hold off pretty long even against elites. Many people don't like them, since these generally do not fit in with the traditional Wood Elves' Hit and Run or Run and Shoot style of play.

Also, they are incredible in the now-viable melee Wood Elf lists and are one of the better places to hide your wizards. Also so durable because of ws5 If you don't kill all of them then you'll have to face them again.

Glade Guard: Glade Guard are of debatable worth. For 12 points you get a bs 4 model with no armour, an armour piercing long bow, the option to take full command and a magic standard worth 25 points. In forests they get to reroll ones to wound in close combat and can fire and fight in 1 extra rank.

They also can download any of the magic arrows discussed in magic arrows section. It is up to you whether you chose to deploy them in multiple small units or in one horde, though generally msu is better since they will have more time to fire. Glade Riders: Out of all the core choices, this is perhaps the only unit which has been priced correctly.

For 19pts you get m9 fast cavalry with a Asrai Bow and Asrai Spear, who have to ambush Being forced to ambush can sometimes be an issue, keep this in mind when taking Riders. They can also take a magic banner worth up to 25pts which is neat I would recommend Gleaming Pennant - cheap and nice for fast cavalry. Generally you will want to take these in multiple small units that can come up behind the opponents and cause havoc.

In a pinch they also make good warmachine hunters. A downside of this unit is that you cannot depend on them to act early in the game, since they can only move onto the board from turn 2 onward.

If you have a treeman that you don't want to get hit by artillery that could kill him in one phase, you may not want to use these guys as warmachine hunters. However, it can be incredibly fun in friendly games and is inevitable in full cavalry lists. And no, they cannot choose Vanguard deployment over Ambush deployment, because you Vanguard-move after you have deployed - which you don't with Ambush.

Feel free to Vanguard-move in the model case, waiting for your ambush roll. These are the Glade Scouts of the past, simply moved and renamed. For 1 point more than a Glade Guard they gain scout and skirmish and still keep the option to download magic arrows. They can also download a full command interestingly and can be taken in units as small as 5.

Pity that you can only have so many special unit duplicates. Whenever you feel the urge to download glade guard that don't contribute to your core allowance, choose Deepwood scouts instead. If anything they are one less unit you have to deploy at the start of a game before the roll off thanks to scout. As a side note; 12 of these armed with poisoned arrows will kill a warmachine each turn, on average, without a modifier.

While wildriders rock out with their cock out and kill and get killed in a blaze of gory glory, the sisters are more subtle and indirect with their attack. They can download full command and a 50pts banner.

You can pull some crazy stunts with these Druidic Elven Nuns, but they are pricy, have one good spell and one mediocre with great lore attribute, though both will be difficult to cast with less than 3 dice.

One thing that is really good about them is that despite their massive cost, they are tough, they do look awesome and they are one of two cavalry units you can deploy your mounted characters in and that they don't have frenzy when compared to the Wild Riders.

They are an awesome retinue for a mounted Spellweaver. They ain't a no-brainer, but can be very effective with proper application. Doomfire Warlocks: These guys are often bench-marked a against SotT. For just one point less you get a Dark Elf version of the sisters in the rare units or more correctly, the sisters are a Wood Elf version of the warlocks since the DE book came out first. These guys don't throw poisoned javelins and they don't get the lore of life attribute on one of their spells.

If you find yourself in a friendly game where you two decide to do unbound lists somehow , the sisters are probably worth considering over warlocks. Treekin: Treekin are the younger brother of Treemen and not the force they once were. With the unit size limit removed, treekin can now be taken in hordes and with a 20 point reduction, they won't eat up as much of your points.

Overall treekin are evenly matched with river and stone trolls as they should be for the same point cost. They are the best of the forest spirits the wood elves have to offer but still are no longer a must-take. Beware they are vulnerable to Great Weapons, fire and high volumes of S4 attacks and have trouble overcoming large amounts of static combat res, so be careful to not send them into battles they can't win. Your archers won't be able to bring the unit down to size very effectively, and most of your CC units will just bounce off, but Treekin have enough attacks 2 ranks have 18 attacks and high enough toughness to grind them into powder.

Warhammer Armies High Elves - 8th Edition

It's a niche, but it's one not filled very effectively elsewhere in the army. Combine with a flank charge from your Wild Riders for great success. Wardancer Troupe: Wardancers are still a reasonably good unit let down by a few flaws and a fairly high cost of entry. What lets these guys down is the fact that because they're not Scouts, they have to start in your deployment zone, and M5 does not let them cross the board very quickly, as well as being unable to repeat any of their dances the turn after it is used.

To overcome this take a small unit of 5 and hang them back, then proceed to laugh as you charge them into an on-going combat and win it by a landslide due to the -3 combat res.

Warhammer Armies High Elves - 8th Edition

If the dice gods are high that day and the combat goes on for another turn, your shadow dancer can do a different dance if it is not in the wardancer unit which it should never be. Keep in mind, both War Dancers and Shadowdancer are very useful due to disruption dance and are located in very contested sections. Choose well, whom will you use unless you use both. As a side note, any models in the squad not the whole squad - you can choose can replace two weapons with an Asrai Spear.

Which is kinda useless, since if you are taking more than 5 Wardancers in a single squad, you are doing it wrong. It is also highly disappointing that taking a musician does not do more to help the unit of dancers. How did Matt Ward not see the connection between music and dancing?

He must like dubstep. It would explain a lot of things. Warhawk Riders: You think your Glade Riders are fast? Think again. These guys are one of the best units in the Army Book, acting troubleshooters, since they can bring down War Machines like they're not there, punch out shooting units, ping wounds off lightly armored units and even help out in large combats this is only for emergencies though. For 45 points you are getting fast flying monstrous cavalry with the Asrai Bows, W3, T4, Asrai Spears, and killing blow on the charge.

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