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Anne Gracie spent her childhood and youth on the move, thanks to her father's job, which took them around the world. The gypsy life taught her that humour and . 1 anne gracie ebook pdf at our library. get the perfect rake merridew sisters 1 anne gracie pdf file for free from our online library the perfect rake. FontArialFont Colorblack w hiteThe Perfect Stranger ByAnne Gracie Contents Font Arial Font Color black w hite The Perfect Stranger By Anne Gracie Contents .

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The interview took place in a quiet alcove of the hotel on the afternoon of 17 August, In , Anne published her first novel with Berkley, The Perfect Rake, which was a finalist for American and Australian romance awards. Romantic Times awarded the heroes of the second and fourth books K. Lisa Fletcher: I want to begin by discussing the distinction between popular fiction and literary fiction. The Australian academic, Ken Gelder, argues that popular fiction and Literature he uses a capital L to distinguish it from the broader category of literature which includes both popular fiction and Literature are distinct, even opposed, fields. I would say that the relationship between popular fiction—in my case genre fiction romance—and literary fiction is best illustrated with a simple Venn diagram. I would class some writers, for instance Barbara Samuel, absolutely as literary fiction in terms of my idea of what literary fiction is: ideas are explored and beautiful language is encouraged. She also tells a good story, which would place her in the overlap part of the Venn diagram. In genre fiction, there must be a good story. In popular romance, which is what I understand best, I think storytelling trumps language every time. Think, for instance, about the big fuss over Fifty Shades. I would say another difference is the relationship between the reader and the text. In romance, the reader has to be emotionally engaged in the text. They have to be emotionally—not necessarily committed to—but empathetic towards the heroine, particularly, and barracking for the hero and the heroine to earn their happy ending.

Annie Murphy

For instance, I often make a comparison between the conventions of romance fiction and other classic popular genres. At the end of a traditional crime novel, justice is delivered. And in adventure fiction, characters take physical risks, and they are rewarded … LF: In adventure fiction, the hero typically receives some kind of monetary reward.

In romance fiction, by contrast, emotional justice is delivered. Romance heroes need to take emotional risks. They may face physical risks as well, but, in order for the romance to succeed, they must confront some of their inner demons, especially the kind of inner demons and hang-ups that have prevented them from being able to make a successful relationship in their past. LF: The Happy Ever After then, if you think about it in terms of the temporal structure or chronology of the story, is both the reward for the way that characters overcome obstacles depicted in the plot, but it is also recompense for the pain or loss of past events or relationships.

The Perfect Stranger (Merridew Series)

AG: Sure, absolutely. LF: I think scholarship on the Happy Ever After sometimes forgets that the conventional structure of romance requires that the narrative reach out in both directions—towards the imagined future and the implied past.

I often tell people about my mum and dad, who met on the steps of the Building[20] when they were both nineteen. They fell in love then and there, got married a few years later and were happy right to the end. Terrific real-life romance.

Crappy story.

Anne Gracie

It was too easy. Characters overcoming difficulties to achieve true love and happiness is what makes a romance story interesting. In a classic genre romance, the relationship is the story. LF: Of course, happiness only ever makes sense in relation to unhappiness.

AG: A romance must have drama in the story and everyday banality, no matter how pleasant it is, is not drama. Romance writers and readers want their books to depict more than everyday life, as do readers of most genre fiction. So our characters have more things happen to them, more bad things happen to them, than truly happy couples like my parents. LF: In her book, The Promise of Happiness, the cultural theorist Sara Ahmed examines how happiness is defined and understood in contemporary culture.

The hero and heroine have to behave in the right way to be rewarded with happiness. The reverse is also true: the villain in a romance is often a character who is stuck in the past and cannot move forward. AG: There is, however, a growing tendency amongst some authors to make the villain of one book in a series the hero of the next. I think this is a really interesting development, which relates to the importance of the back-story.

(PDF) Writing the Happy Ever After: An Interview with Anne Gracie | Lisa Fletcher -

The villain can be reinvented as a hero because, in the moral world of popular romance, to understand all is to forgive all. Mary Balogh wrote a terrific novel, Courting Julia, in which the anti-hero, Frederick Sullivan, kidnaps the heroine, who is his distant cousin. Frederick is not the classic villain, but because he behaves badly, his plan fails.

In the next novel in this series, Dancing with Clara, Frederick is even more desperate for money and he marries a disabled heiress for her money. And in the process, he falls in love. LF: For Ahmed, happiness is an extremely difficult concept to define, but one that researchers should take seriously.

If you were to write an emotional primer for a budding romance writer, what does happiness mean? AG: In the case of most of my books, happiness is being loved—being loved truly and unconditionally. Almost all of my books are about the relationship between happiness and the family. I tend to write heroes and heroines who are outsiders.

In the Merridew Series, the heroines are sisters and the heroes are all outsiders. So, in my books, an important part of happiness is belonging somewhere. LF: Happiness then, as you depict it in your novels, is both tied to the experiences and feelings of individuals and a social concept.

AG: It is absolutely a social concept. Do you think this is the case? AG: Yes, I think so. In my own life too, I noticed people making their own families, moving beyond the biological family to create a family of friends. And I especially like writing stories about outsiders who find love and a home.

My heroes and heroines are rewarded with security, which can be interpreted in many ways, but for my characters often includes financial security. I have a friend who has read my books, but is not a natural romance reader at all. The fantasy is being rich, or at least financially secure for the rest of their lives. A lot of my characters have had difficult beginnings at some stage and been without money and so understand poverty and powerlessness and unhappiness.

Being financially secure may not be the goal, but it is the icing on the cake. Happiness is defined by them, by the characters. LF: While there is a broad definition of happiness, happiness also means different things for different characters and sets of characters.

AG: Of course, happiness is individual, for each of us. We each have to define and seek our own happiness.

That works for fictional characters as well, I think. She kissed him, moving lower each time. Do it again. What is the difference between two people living together, getting married, building a family and never saying those words, and a couple who does all of the same things, but openly declares their love?

I think it is about commitment. To actually say the words is an act of emotional courage. It is an important step towards the happy ending. LF: Emotional courage ties back to what you were saying about emotional justice. Do you think this is just a representation of what is a gender actuality or is it part of the conventions of the genre?

AG: A bit of both, I think.

I do think that women are generally more comfortable than men in talking about feelings. In romance novels it is part of the convention because, to some extent, the heroine is a placeholder for the reader.

Fiction is, of course, about characters changing and often in romance the character who needs to change the most is the hero. The story is powerful and moving because it depicts the journey towards his final commitment to the heroine.

LF: In your novels, I think it is fair to say that the reader knows from the beginning unless, I guess, they are entirely new to the genre that the reticent hero will declare his love by the end. This takes me to another question about the appeal of romance reading, which I think is fraught territory for romance scholarship, but something that we still need to think about: the predictability of romance.

One way to think about all of this is to say that, because the reader knows how it will turn out in the end, there must be quite particular pleasures in the predictability of plots. Reading The Perfect Rake though, I started to think about this a little differently. The reader of this novel, I think, is therefore both offered the pleasure of predictability and placed in a position of superiority to the characters; that is, the novel assumes the reader will recognize and understand signs of love and desire when the characters themselves are clueless.

The reader is positioned in a similar way in The Perfect Kiss, I think, but through the play with Gothic literary conventions, rather than through the more obvious comedy of The Perfect Rake. Is this a deliberate strategy to encourage active reading, or do interpret it in another way? AG: No, I just enjoy it! And misunderstandings between people — especially lovers or potential lovers — is fine fodder for comedy.

Active reading, as I think about it in relation to my actual writing practice, is more important to me during the editing phase. Just tell the story the best you can and then use craft to make it better. LF: The predictability of the plot, or the reader having greater insight? We're hearing the Pension Board was inundated with calls regarding their completely unreasonable deadline considering that it's summer travel season, especially for retirees who don't have to return to the job.

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What a fantastic heroine.. Anne Gracie. Berkley, May ISBN: Format: ePub. ISBN, epub